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Help Keniece Help Her Young Brothers

Organized by: Leif Ueland

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The Story in Short

This is a chance to help a few children who are part of a community that you might only know about as statistics or newspaper articles, but have on some level wished you could help—kids growing up crime-ridden neighborhoods, raised by parents consumed by drug addiction and mental illness, living in squalid, violent environments, at times homeless, and not in school for prolonged periods.

This is a hopeful story, though, with an unsung, anonymous act of everyday heroism at its center. In August in Minneapolis, a mother tried to stab her husband and then turned on the police when they arrived. The attack was likely driven by untreated paranoid delusions and decades of drug abuse. With the mother in jail, two of her kids, eight-year-old and thirteen-year-old brothers, were in need of a home. 

Keniece, their 23-year old sister who lives in Chicago, took them in. And when the mother was shortly thereafter out of jail, and the boys expressed their fear about going back, shared how bad things had gotten, Keniece stood up to the mother—who is in reality every bit as intimidating as would be suggested by the stabbing—telling her that enough was enough, and the boys weren’t coming back. She would raise them.

This isn’t an easy thing to do. Keniece is a kind-hearted, hard-working young woman who describes herself as a simple person and who is herself wrestling with the aftermath of a childhood like the boys were experiencing, which in Keniece’s case led to her being effectively on her own at 13. Prepared for life in this way, one disadvantage after another, means daily life for Keniece can be a challenge. 

And Keniece was already raising her own sweet three-year-old daughter on small income she makes working the nightshift stocking shelves at Target. 


The Boys


The Goal


How You Can Help

Just sharing this story—whether through Facebook, email, or word of mouth—would be a help. Another way to help is to offer Keniece encouragement. 

And, of course, a financial donation of any amount would be appreciated. Giving $20 effectively buys Keniece a couple hours, with which she would be better able to sort out how to get the boys medical assistance, or spend time making sure they are doing their homework. 

If you can give more, we believe it is a worthy cause. We have known these kids since they were babies and believe they would thrive in a good private school, followed by college, which of course in today’s world could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But the immediate focus is a goal of $6,000. Keniece is trying to do it all right now, and that really does mean foregoing sleep, which isn’t sustainable. The money—which Keniece will receive in monthly installments—means she can cut back on her Target shifts, accomplish a series of goals she has set (health insurance, search for an apartment in a safer neighborhood, enroll the boys in better schools), after which her 

just give Keniece that $6,000 cushion, cut back on work for a six-month window, and for that, after our donation, we could make the goal with 125 people donating $40.

We appreciate your time in just visiting this page, learning about Keniece and her brothers. If you are new to crowdrise, as we were, and you end up seeing some other cause that you want to help instead, or end up creating your own fundraiser, that, in the grand scheme, counts, too!



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Organized by

Leif Ueland

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