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Please help us raise $164,000 for testing CRESS Capital, a poverty alleviation tool & method, research.

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Proper diagnosis and treatment is essential in alleviating it. Poverty is real. The consequences are grievous. Things were tough in the best of times. By all standards, my family was very poor. My mom could have been elected the best candidate for the position of Secretary of State of the Poor, if such an election were ever organized. She had no one to turn to. Banks sent her away for lack of collateral to secure a loan.

Born by an illiterate poor single mother who was shun and discriminated against by her siblings because her marriage didn’t work. A marriage she got into because her step-brother owed someone money and gave her as settlement for this debt he owed. I experienced poverty firsthand. Meat was eaten only on Christmas and New Year’s Day. Left overs received during the festive season were preserved and a small piece was cooked in meals to give flavor but was quickly removed and saved for another flavor desired cooking. Broken calabashes and buckets were placed on our beds and floor of the room to collect rainwater from the dripping roof year after year to prevent flooding of the bed and room. I trekked about 10miles to and from school with one notepad for all subjects. Splinted sticks were lit to give light for homework to be done when we ran out of kerosene for the paraffin lamp. We continued to beg most of our text books despite insults. Mom, my sister and I waited our turns to attend church service with our lone family female outfit. We wore school uniforms when we all had to be at the same function at the same time. My siblings and I had to hide before playing with some of our friends because their parents addressed us as “poor ugly kids” and did not want their children to interact with us.


Poverty is intangible but the symptoms are visible including high rates of preventable diseases, low education and less participation in decision making, violence and limited opportunities. Women and children are greatly affected. About 45 years later this scenario is still very present. Around the world, more than 2 billion people have little or no access to formal financial intermediaries. I have elected to take my experience as a victim and survivor to reach out to poor children by giving their parents empowerment tools to become successful entrepreneurs. To alleviate poverty requires a multi-facet approach, more so because poverty, ignorance and diseases breed a complex web.

On March 10, 2015 Two Way Out will need $164,000.00 to be disbursed as cultivation or start-off capital to 800 working poor in an Action Research. Cultivation, Reinforcement, Sustention and Seed (CRESS) capital innovation will unlock the world’s poor full potentials. CRESS innovation will assist working poor to access start-off and bigger revolving loans in a sequential order to grow their businesses in combination with needs-base nonfinancial services such as educative talks, training on basic healthy practices in disease prevention e.g. hand washing.

Poverty is a cause or consequence of social, economic, and political injustices including geographical marginalization and greed. Every child deserves childhood. Everyone deserves a better life.

Please help us raise $164,000.00 for testing CRESS Capital, a poverty alleviation tool & method research.