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We fund innovative research to fight childhood cancer, and we support families who have a child in treatment. Tax ID 45-1858390


The Ty Louis Campbell Foundation is a nonprofit organization (EIN: 45-1858390) that funds innovative research and clinical trials specifically geared toward the treatment of the most aggressive childhood cancers. Our mission is to help fund the intelligence and technology that will improve long-term survival rates and minimize side-effects for children diagnosed with the deadliest cancers, while helping to care for families when their child is in treatment by providing financial assistance and uplifting experiences.

Our Reason

Pediatric cancer is the number one cause of death by disease among children. It doesn't discriminate. It happens at random sparing no ethnic group, socio-economic class or geographic region. There is no known cause or prevention for most childhood cancers. One out of five children diagnosed with cancer do not survive, and the average age of death is only eight years old.

Pediatric cancer patients are robbed of their childhood fighting this disease, and then many, if they survive the toxic medication, are robbed of their future by the lifelong side effects. Ty Louis Campbell, for example, was unable to walk or play with his toys for two years- even when he was paralyzed from head-to-toe and ultimately died in his parent's arms after a valient fight.

Our Inspiration

We call him SuperTy because he was our little fighter. Ty Louis Campbell, the "best good boy in the whole world," graced this earth for five beautiful years, and before the left he made it a better place to live. He made an astounding impact on all who heard his story. He inspired a community of hundreds of thousands to make the most of their lives and to rally against the evils of childhood cancer by raising awarness.

Ty was astoundingly beautiful and alwasy quick to smile. His sheer magnetism developed not because of the cancer that consumed him, but rather his love for life that defined him.

For Ty, we will uncover better treatment options for children. Treatments that work without robbing children of their childhood. Until then, we ask you do this in his honor...

Let your kids jump in muddy puddles whenever they want. Let them get wild with finger paints and glitter. Soon they'll be all grown up and see the dirty clothes and wet shoes as nothing but a nuisance.