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Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) Genetic Marker Test

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July 11, 2017

Thanks to some advice from Shepherd, Maggie <> , I have a new lead, which I have just followed up on and now wait  See more


Dion Kilgour


Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease, in which a person's pancreas stops producing insulin. T1D has nothing to do with diet, or lifestyle, and it cannot be prevented or cured at this stage. There are many research groups and trials which have made some ground, but prevention is still in the future. My wife Kim, and myself, decided that we must do something proactive, to hopefully save our kids from an identical lifestyle to us; therefore we have begun working on our own project, to create a Diabetes Type 1 Predictive Test, which we are very confident will lead to a cure. I have a background in Biomedical Sciences and Biology, and my wife, in traditional and alternative medicines and treatments. Together we form a formidable research duo. My wife and I are in a very unique position; my wife was diagnosed with Diabetes type 1 as a young girl aged 14, and I have just been diagnosed myself with Diabetes type 1 at the age of 41; as far as we are aware this has not been recorded before in medical history, is unlikely to happen again by accident, and should never happen deliberately. We have three children, who, as yet have not developed any signs of the disease. As I was diagnosed after our third child was born, I had absolutely no way to know what I had potentially done to my own children. Neither branches of our families have Diabetes type 1 as a genetic predictor in recent generations, as far as we know at this stage. This fund raising is not only an attempt to raise funds, to pay for the genetic testing of all surviving members of our family, but also to raise awareness of a disease which is often mistaken as one that has been bought on through neglect; not the case. To get a full picture of our current genetic state, we need to first perform genetic testing of our full current family tree, including siblings, cousins, parents and children. From there we will cross-reference the raw data to determine where the differences in genetic material lie. This by a process of elimination we will be able to determine why Kim and I are different, and hopefully create a predictive marker test for potential Type 1 sufferers. As our children age, they will actually test the hypothesis, hopefully indicating the change in genes, leading to cure for them, ourselves and others families suffering this disease.



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