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June 10, 2010

The US Stakeholders Movement... Get onboard or quit whining about the state of our nation.  See more


EVENT DATE: Jun 10, 2010

Richard Bobo


The US Stakeholders Movement has been initiated to restore the power taken from the US taxpayer. If you are unhappy with the way that our government is ruining our country then you need to read this to learn how it is happening and how to stop it. The US Stakeholders Movement identifies two key root causes that have led to the disconnect between representation and taxation.

First Cause: The 16th Amendment levied income taxes on US citizens, but failed to restrict voting power on fiscal matters to the taxpayers. At first glance, this may be interpreted as simply a taxpayer whine about having their hard earned money taken to support government dependents since that is a valid concern in itself. The real evil is that this opened the door for the practice of buying the votes of government dependents and other beneficiaries using taxpayer funded programs.

Politicians became empowered to promise voters rewards from the government coffers in return for voter sponsorship. Since these voters are minimally or completely unburdened by those costs, which are becoming increasingly substantial, this creates a conflict of interest. As long as those politicians can purchase those votes, they can remain in office and pretty much do whatever they want to the rest of us. This erodes the core of our democracy through a corrupted practice that has somehow become legal through systematic changes over the years. It is essentially buying votes with a sustained payment program. It is a cyclic problem that is expansive in nature, and this should concern you greatly.

Second Cause: The separation of commerce and state is needed. This would prevent the government from controlling and disrupting free trade and business, and it would remove the second source of voting power loss, corporate influence. Taxpayers must compete with powerful, special interest influences that steer our politicians. This was not intended by the founders of our country.

With the obstacles and demands introduced by these two root causes, there has been a great loss of democracy for the rest of us, which is the direct cause of the state of our nation today.

Voting is the mechanism of controlling a democracy, but that voting mechanism has been broken as discussed here. Fix the root causes, and the rest of the symptoms will eventually repair themselves naturally when the will of the people is restored.



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