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Calling all Rapids u12-u14 families and friends!

CRYSC needs your help!  We are working to activate our network of friends to help us fill a crucial budget line item. Each year, the club provides need-based grants to players that would not be able to play without financial assistance.  Annual grants range in amount depending on available resources, and range from 10%  to 60% of registration fees.  Any funds raised through your network will help us provide financial assistance to players in the Club with demonstrated need.


Here’s how it works.  Will you be doing something active this year?  Running a race, climbing a mountain, walking outside your front door, maybe even hosting a party?  Use your endeavors as a reason to reach out to your network and ask for their support of CRYSC.  All donations are tax deductible and will benefit players with financial need. Click on the gray button that says "Set up your fundraiser" to get started!


The age group that raises the most friends (based on number of individual donors by the end of 2016) will win the grand prize.  In other words, it’s a clubwide friendraising competition!  We’ll be awarding age groups for different milestones throughout the year so get the ball rolling and stay tuned for updates!


Lastly, we’re here to help.  Email us at for fundraising advice, questions, troubleshooting, or anything else that may come up!

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