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USA Constitutional Reform Foundation - Public Education Campaign

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We need your help to launch an education campaign about what changes are needed to the U.S. Constitution so that government works for everyone – not just corporations, unions and the wealthy.

Our political system is broken and the major parties are not willing or able to fix it. Americans need to stop the name calling and pointless protests and instead use a civil and constitutional process to make the changes we need. The core of the Constitution is the system of checks and balances designed protect free people from the tyranny of imperial power. That system of checks and balances has been weakened by the rise of corporate power, mass media influence and other social and scientific advancements not envisioned by our founding fathers.

The USA Constitution Reform Foundation, Inc. is a charitable non-profit organization that exists to inform Americans on the need to update the constitution. We are strictly non-partisan and do not to support any political party or candidates. Our approach is to focus on what the Constitution should say and not on interpreting the current text. We have developed a draft set of proposed constitutional amendments that we feel would enhance democracy, strengthen individual rights, and improve on the system of checks and balances. The amendments fall into three categories:

Amendments are designed to make our system of government more democratic:

• Direct Election of the President and Vice President – Only the people should choose the President

• Make Election Day a Holiday – Let’s make sure everyone can vote • Uniform Voter Registration – One standard federal photo ID for every citizen

• District of Columbia representation in congress – It’s really time that we fixed this

• Redistricting Reform – Take this away from politicians and eliminate gerrymandering

Amendments intended strengthen individual rights and to change the balance of power back in favor of individuals:

• Individual Privacy rights – Corporations don’t own your personal information

• Limits on Corporate “citizenship” – Constitution rights are for people

• Equality Under the Law and Commerce – Neither the government or business should discriminate

• Congressional Authority Over Campaign Finance – Reduce the power of corporations, unions and the wealthy

Amendments designed to just make government work better and be more accountable to the people:

• Appointed Judges in every state – Let’s stop selling justice to the highest bidder

• Reform the confirmation of Federal Judges – Stop the partisan games that are played on all sides • Expedite confirmation of Executive Branch Appointees – The Senate needs to act more quickly and efficiently

• Term Limits Reform – Remove legislative limits in the states and standardize Executive Branch term limits

• Limit State Sovereign Immunity – Keep state governments accountable to their citizens

You can find a complete draft of each amendment on our website at You money will be used for: Law Student Writing Contest We will be asking students to select one of these proposed amendments and write a paper that includes the historical context, outlines pro’s and con’s and discusses the potential implications of adoption. Our current plans are to conduct this contest in 2016 and we need money for prizes and administration. Video Conferences and Seminars We need to create online video clips on why and how the Constitution should be changed. We also want to hold seminars where people can come together, for little or no cost, to discuss the potential changes and network. We also want to be able to subsidize the participation of legal scholars in these events. Website and On-line Advertising We are making our website an on-line resource to educate people on changes to the constitution, a forum to share ideas and a place to connect with other like-minded citizens. Our advertising will be focused on raising awareness of our organization. We at the USACRF approach our work with the presumption that all involved in our political process have good intentions. We are all Americans who love our country. We respect everyone’s point of view and their freedom to express that point of view in almost any way they see fit. But we will live by, and enforce, higher standards of civility in our all of our activities. Here are the basic rules of conduct: 1) No name calling. This is just common sense. 2) Assume people have good intentions. We don’t think you evil or the enemy if you disagree with us. 3) Facts are facts. People are entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts. We are concerned that our political process has turned too negative. A country too severely divided becomes weak. Let’s not play into the hands of our enemies. Let’s treat each other with respect. We are a new organization and would appreciate any form of assistance, advice or criticism you feel is appropriate. You can find more information about the organization on our website at You can also contact me by emailing


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