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Universidad Central Del Caribe Inc

From the devastation of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico needs to immediately rebuild and restore! We, the Universidad Central del Caribe, urgently need your contribution to continue to provide for the low-income communities in the City of Bayamon and surrounding areas. We ask our fellow U.S. citizens and global friends to join us in raising $5 million to rebuild and restore! Established over 40 years ago, UCC is a major low-income community health and medical services provider. We are an established pillar in the City of Bayamon and are a non-profit 501 (c) (3) allied health and medical school. Tax ID 66-0349669


Universidad Central del Caribe is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) allied health and medical school located in Bayamon, Puerto Rico. Since 1978, the UCC, as we are locally known, we have educated high-quality medical doctors and committed health professionals to meet the medical and health needs of the Puerto Rican community. For over 40 years, we have provided Puerto Rico with educational programs, research activities, and services in health maintenance, prevention, early detection of illnesses, and  improved the quality of life in Puerto Rico. This all came to a grinding halt on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 with the devastation brought about by Hurricane Maria.

The restoration of UCC to provide community health and medical clinics in Puerto Rico requires a minimum investment of $5 million for infrastructure in order to restore the facilities by purchasing medical supplies & equipment, windows, flooring, telecommunications, computer & office technologies,diesel generators, electrical wiring, vehicles, laboratory equipment, health services & supplies, new roofing, air conditioning units, office furniture & supplies, hospital & patient equipment, and classroom equipment. 

Despite the mind-boggling and near apocalyptic devastation, our students, faculty, board, administrators, staff, and community are ready, willing, and able to restore UCC as the central hub of health and medical services in the city of Bayamon, Puerto Rico and San Juan metropolitan area.

To get there, we need your immediate help in joining UCC in its rebuilding and restoration efforts. We are cognizant that our collective will, determination, and efforts require that we seek the assistance of our fellow U.S. citizens and friends on the U.S. mainland in a people-to-people and institution-to-institution connection.

We ask that you join UCC in mobilizing fundraising efforts on your campus and local community! The immediate restoration of UCC has a domino effect; our students can return to continue their studies, UCC can immediately restore health and medical services to the low-income communities and population it serves, and together we can return this corner of Puerto Rico to immediate normalcy. Needless to say, if these vital health and medical services were sorely needed before, the urgency has become evermore greater! 

Thank you for your contribution and support!