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A hybrid project where nonprofit and for-profit intertwine in mutually beneficial ways Tax ID 20-0393411


Our aim is to empower the potential of youth from low-income communities in urban Kolkata so that they can develop sustainable livelihoods. That's a fancy way of saying we teach what's needed for our students to have a decent life.

Our model is simple – we have a school (Uddami Computer Training Centre/UCTC) that teaches basic computer skills that will increase opportunities for jobs, and we have a business (Uran) that currently supports 70% of UCTC's operating expenses).

Our students are young men and women whose household income averages $70 or less per month. We also teach deaf students. We consciously keep at least 50% female students in each session.

The staff of both our school and our business graduated from Uddami Computer Training Centre; in fact both are now managed by three of our UCTC graduates. The young people that we initially worked with are now working hard to help others from similar backgrounds.

Self-sustainability, that's the ultimate goal for Uddami as well as the young people we work with.