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CROWDRISE : Mar 01, 2015
Tax ID: 45-5288365
BASED: Atlanta, GA, United States



Germinating Opportunity

Training Ugandan Farmers to be More Successful

Our mission is to improve the livelihood of smallholder farmers in Eastern Uganda. We empower the farmer by (1) giving him/her access to credit, (2) assissting in improved access to inputs (seeds, fertilizer, herbicides, etc.), and (3) providing agriculture training  in the most optimal methods for growing his/her crop of choice.  One failed crop can have devastating consequences for farmers: no food, no school fees for children and no money to plant again in the next season. Most importantly, there is no government backup system to help when crops fail and families suffer.  It is imperative that these small farms are optimally farmed if families are to survive.

(1) Credit - Almost 75% of Ugandans make their living from farming. Of these, less than 10% have access to credit. Uganda Grows assist farmers in finding credit mechanisms so that they can finance their farming enterprises.  

(2) Ugandan farmers have access to farming inputs, seeds, fertilizers, herbicides, etc. most of the time, however, the problem for these farmers lies in the fact that many times, the inputs they purchase are at a very high price and are of a very poor quality  At Uganda Grows, we assist farmers in identifying premium seeds, fertilizers, etc. so that they can produce optimal yields at harvest time.

(3) At Uganda Grows, we train farmers in methods designed to increase their yield. Improved planting methods, weed control and soil sampling are a few of the areas we train in. After farmers harvest their crops, we assist them in identifying premium market sources to sell their crops into.

(4) In addtition to assisting the farmer in his own fields, we also offer job opportunities at our agricultural training center where farmers can earn extra income to supplement their income. 

We are bringing hope and a brighter future to smallholder farmers and their families in Eastern Uganda.

Tax ID: 45-5288365 •


Germinating Growth

Germinating Growth

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1% Raised of $50,000 Goal