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Orphans or vulnerable children in Uganda will eventually grow up and become adults. These children will need to have employable skills and/or entrepreneurial talents and training to live self-sufficient lives as well as becoming good parents and citizens. Ugandan Orphanage Relief Fund plans to build a vocational school for the orphaned and indigent children of Uganda.

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Almost everyone has heard of the "invisable children", and for the 30,000 plus children in Uganda abducted by Joseph Kony's army it was a nightmare beyond belief. However, there are another 2.5 million very visable children in Uganda that are facing their own nightmare. Malaria, accidents and the HIV/Aids epedemic have left millions of single and double orphans in Uganda with no government safety net and little hope. These children are visable in rural areas, digging in strangers gardens for scraps of food, hanging around the perifery of every village with nothing to do, or as beggers, day laborers, sex workers and street kids in the cities. UORF partners with 7 local churches and organizations to fund and operate childrens programs in Uganda, caring for over 500 children in residential and non-residential situations. Our mission is to support these kids until they are responsible adults, meaning they need to be employeed and able to care for themselves. Education, including vocational education is a for profit industry and Voc education is about as expensive as university, out of reach of indigent and orphaned children.

Ugandan Orphanage Relief Fund has planned to build a vocational school in Uganda and is currently involved in a capital  campaign hoping to raise $250,000 US for the construction of our school.