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Uhambo is dedicated to supporting people with disabilities in Africa by: - Removing barriers of access - Advocating for policy change - Promoting and supporting the rights and equal participation - Creating opportunities for and assisting in the social, economic, physical and emotional development - Providing appropriate holistic services to positively impact their quality of life Tax ID 27-3621672


People with disabilities are the largest marginalized group in the world, and often among the poorest. According to the World Health Organization approximately 65 million people worldwide require the use of a wheelchair due to a disability. As many as 80% of those who need wheelchairs live in low income and developing regions, such as Africa. Only a small percentage of those who need a wheelchair have one.

Uhambo alleviates poverty, promotes human rights and removes barriers for people with disabilities in Africa. We are unique because we have: 

  • 20 years on-the-ground experience in Southern Africa
  • A commitment to appropriate and sustainable products and services and support 
  • An award-winning social entrepreneurial model

Uhambo engages with strategic partnerships in the US to support the mission and programs of Uhambo, the Shonaquip Foundation of South Africa. 

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