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Serena Faye's Fundraiser:

Multi Media Computers for Under Privilieged Families

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December 30, 2012

First day on here, so far so good, I made 6 friends! yay! Please donate to my campaign, to find out more about it, look me up as a person.  See more


Serena Faye


I am raising money to purchase equipment to build custom Computers and/or Custom Media Studios For Under Privileged Families, with specific dreams.

This would be anything from High End Gaming Computers to Home recording Studios.

As you know, YouTube has made careers for many and have even brought some aspiring musicians to super stardom.  My goal is to provide the means and possibilities to meet those goals.

Gaming is becoming a vary popular YouTube Trend, in which the game players recorder themselves playing a game and demoing a complete video game walk through.  Believe it or not, people do watch these videos, allowing the YouTuber to eventually earn some revenue.

This would be a good starting point and/or alternative to the highly coveted position of being a beta tester (professional video game tester)  In which the player plays the game and reports bugs and level difficulty to be tweaked before that game is released.  Unfortunately though, unless you have been addicted to video games since birth, it is very hard to obtain a game-playing position.

So the portion of the money going towards gaming computers will be spent on.

Computer Parts
Cooling Systems
Maybe some Wifi Integrated Game Consoles for Modding
And paying a computer expert to build the computer itself, and mod the consoles into it if needed.

Another YouTube Trend is singing, this is how Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson and Grayson Chance got discovered.  And its still working for talented musicians with YouTube Channels today.  And there are still loads of untapped talent not only vocally but for making their own music, who are not on YouTube!  Why?!  They don't have the proper gear to make the best impression possible, and quite frankly they want to take it a step further, thay want to produce their own CD's and Sell them!  So I am going to hook them up with a recording studio to make their music sound great, and a CD designer, so they can make attractive CD's

This would be a good starting point or alternative for getting discovered and skyrocker to super stardom, which is hard to do even with YouTube making it so easy.

So the portion of the money going towards recording studios will to towards purchasing.

Imac Computer or another top of the line music computer, according to the preference.

Mixer and Preamp
Digital Audio Workstation(s) of their choice
Headphones and Microphones, and studio monitors (speakers)
Software of their choice
CD Lable Designer and printers
Custom Desk and Studio foam
And paying someone to set everything up.

That about explains my cost, I figure $50,000 would be a good starting point, I might not need that much, but if I need more I will raise more, depending on how many people I find.

I am aware that there is no guarantee that these people will actually make something of themselves or go to where they want to go.  I just want to keep their hope alive, as long as they have hope they will be happy, and that is all I want.  To make people happy, and to encourage them to pursue their dreams.

I will be making a wish list according to the clients preferences in case anyone rather make a physical purchased donation, which will help stretch any money farther.



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Serena is working on selecting a charity so you can support Multi Media Computers for Under Privilieged Families.