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Ninety percent(90%)of Women will choose Life upon seeing her baby in the Womb! Our goal: to add to ABBA a trained, qualified Nurse Sonographer! To do this we need your help!!!

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ABBA is a Crisis Pregnancy Resource Center serving the Greater Portland/Cumberland County area.  We are on the FRONT LINE of helping girls and women who are facing issues surrounding a crisis or unplanned pregnancy (Options Counseling Program).  ABBA was the first nationally affiliated and certified Center in the State providing the medical services of limited obstetrical ultrasound to confirm viable pregnancy and limited testing & treatment of STD's. ABBA follows the medical guidelines of our affilitate organizations CareNet, Heartbeat International and the National Institute of Family LIfe Advocates which call for excellence in meeting a Standard of Care to our clients. Likewise our client advocates are certified by the American Association of Christian Counselors. As a non-profit agency all of ABBA's services are free. ABBA offers nine programs.