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Umbrella of the Capital District, Inc.

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Umbrella of the Capital District, Inc. is a not for profit organization designed to enable senior citizens and people with disabilities to access the services they need to continue to live affordably, comfortably and independently in their homes for as long as they desire or is practical. Our goals are to create a safe living environment, maintain the value of the home and provide a thoroughly screened and trained workforce of people who live in the community to achieve these goals.

Umbrella recruits and screens retired men and women from the local community who wish to remain active and continue using their skills to supplement their income. Thus, the program increases employment opportunities for active seniors, who can work part time, while helping to meet the needs of the frail elderly and disabled members of our community.

Started in 1995 one of the most innovative aspects of Umbrella is the workforce. These men and women have the work ethic we needed and an understanding of the population. The homeowners we serve need people who are dependable, respectful and capable. We realized using older people was the only way this program would work. A major strength of Umbrella is the quality and integrity of its work force. For the most part, Umbrella handypersons are retirees. They value their work, are dependable and well organized. Many have years of professional experience in a wide variety of areas, including carpentry, plumbing, painting, housecleaning, lawn care and masonry. Some are not professional, but simply use their experience of taking care of their own home. The individuals who serve as Umbrella handypersons come from all walks of life. Many are retired police officers and firemen; others are homemakers, or retirees from business and industry who enjoy and are talented at repairing and sprucing up houses.

To ensure homeowners peace of mind, all of our handypersons have references and a thorough background evaluation. Unfortunately, we live in a time when many seniors have a heightened fear of personal safety in their homes and on the streets plus they hear about those who have been victimized by dishonest home repair schemes. Umbrella takes great pride in the good reputation of our handypersons. A relationship of trust between homeowners and the men and women working in their home is of paramount importance.

Although our mission is to improve the lives of seniors by enabling them to live in their homes longer, but we do much more than that. Umbrella contributes to the greater community by providing services that help homes retain their market value, building a network of community members and their families that is surely making our community stronger.