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Ummul Qura Girls School

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This week, I received a text from my Kenyan roommate, Abubakar, full of pictures. Excited to hear from him, and hoping to see my host siblings Jameil and Mariam growing up, I was bitterly disappointed. Displayed, was the school that I had taught my Kenyan girls about Groundhog's Day and banjos and sang Sweet Home Alabama. But it wasn't. Beds and desks were scorched and burned. The ceiling didn't have a roof.

I asked if the building was covered by insurance, knowing full well that it would be hard to find insurance in Malindi, Kenya. The fire destroyed so much, and when I asked Abubakar how they would recover, he responded:

"We will have to ask for help from our friends, well wishers, and anyone else... I am sure God will not let us down."

I am not one for being a white savior, but Abubakar and his family took me in and treated me like family while I lived in Kenya for eight months. I'm asking for you to 'well wish' on my birthday and help out Ummul Qura to repair their school with a small donation-- whatever you can give.



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Adam is working on selecting a charity so you can support Ummul Qura Girls School.