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Unbound Captive

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Noah Waters


"Unbound Captive" is a new film project coming to Tallahassee. We plan on using 0 of local talent, Filmmakers and more importantly funding. Our hope and mission is to simultaneously make a film that We can claim as our own and show off the amazing talent and art we have in our community, this bring many film projects to Florida for location and talent.

The script tells a very simple coming of age and inspirational story that will end with a immensely artistic and astonishing twist ending, one we are taking great measures to keep under wraps. The ending will discuss what art and the ideal, how when you believe in something like your own art you have to fight for it no matter what, not letting any thing hold you back.

Tallahassee Florida has a brilliant yet relatively unknown art community, this film is meant to not only support the premiere local arts and hopefully get more involved as well as bring more film to Florida! The story is a very simple inspirational coming of age story with a secret jaw dropping twist ending. The story will follow a female lead character and a small cast of supporting characters, with room for a vast cast of extras. If you live in the area or just love art and film please come help! Hopefully once the finished film makes the festival circuit we will have a theatrical release which will hopefully bring other film projects to Florida for location. The story line is being kept extremely secret and safe for the purposes of the ending.

So what is the story?
Again for spoiler and secrecy purposes most of the story is being kept secret and out of the public eye until the official release. But the bare bones basics of it is a story following a immensely pivotal day in the life of a young inspiring actress, dancer, singer all around entertainer, Alliance Albright. Despite the fact there are so many just like her, her talent and skill supersedes most if not all. Her humble attitude and ethically moral life style pushes her even further ahead of the curb! Today is an audition for what more than likely will be her first serious step into the spotlight of the entertainment industry. The film follows her day from morning (act1) to evening just prior to her going to bed (act 3). With out revealing anything a vicious yet artfully impactful twist ending is the final scene, and to answer a very frequent question, No it is not a dream.

We need help from Tallahassee funding the budget for this film. The production its self as it stands needs $27,637.76 to be successful with a optimal budget of $52,012.76 once we get all our funds if necessary we will begin the disheartening process of making cuts again if necessary. Please let us know if you could give us much needed financial assistance. Donations of any amount helps if you have business or know some one who does we are offering to advertising for sponsorsduring the credits as well as other incentives.

What and how will the funding help?

This film is a very visualy dynamic piece of art. In order to creat this piece as intricate and phenomenal as possible we need to rent high end film, grip, ligthing and miscellaneous equipment which will require a great deal of funds. Most of your pledging will go towards that.

Also, in order to create very light hearted yet serious art of the best quality you need a very happy cast and crew. A portion of the funds will go towards craft services and the other necessities to run a safe successful film set.

Filming permits, Law Enforcement and security services, as well as insurance will need to be paid for and these bills can rack up high and quick. Each location will have its on needs. Not to mention travel, storage and trailer renting cost.

Cast and crew! While most of them will be volunteers as well as some of you Pledges!!!! Most positions will require pay in order to secure the highest quality of service and product.

Technical considerations. Besides the equipment many other digital items will need to be paid for.

Know that the story is simple, down to earth, honest and real, all while being truly amazing with a jaw dropping twist ending!!!!!!!


As a soldier in the US ARMY Reserves it is important to me to always try and find away to help the vets through my projects. Before the film makes the festival circuit we will have the world premiere in Tallahassee as well several showings around town and some in Jacksonville. The proceeds generated by those viewings will be donated to the Hire A Hero and the Show Your Stripes project which helps military vets find civilian employment when they get back deployment. As a soldier in the US ARMY Reserves it is important to me to always try and fid away to help the vets through my projects.

What will be the difficulties of this shoot?
Most of the local Tallahassee artist are not full time artist, because of this the shooting schedule may be a long drawn out schedule of nights and weekends. We will work with every ones schedule and not exclude any one because of employment. We will not stop until we have a finished product of the highest of quality to show off to the rest of the world wide art community. If we are unsuccessful with securing the necessary funding we will have to make cuts and make do with what we got which will ultimately cut the quality of the finished project down tremendously.

So please if you can help in any way we need it. As far as donations go even a single dollar helps. Help us spread the word about this new project sowing off Tallahassee artist and talent! Want to help?

We can be found on Facebook and Twitter at

Thanks for your help spreading the word about the project as well as any help you can give us as far as sponsorship and financial help goes.

Noah A Waters III
160th MP BN



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