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Uniform Items for New Student Band



In order to be able to perform and compete - which will allow us to get better, share our talents with others, and hopefully attract more students, we need to have a proper kilt uniform. These are quite expensive with the kilt itself costing $500, not to mention the other items that go with it. We are already asking our individual members to buy their own consumable items such as shirts, socks, shoes, and hats - but that doesn't eliminate the need for the more costly parts of the uniform.

We are hoping to purchase a set of matching sporrans, which is the leather purse worn around the waist and hanging at the front. This is somewhat decorative, but since kilts don't have pockets it's the only place for wallets, keys, and cell phones. At very reasonable pricing, for a level of quality that we won't have to spend more to replace in just a few years, we expect to be able to purchase 20 of these for just approximately $4,000.

We are also hoping to purchase a set of matching vests, which is a more economical option instead of buying dress jackets. While a vest is only $100 each, jackets are at least double that or more. In the future, we'd love to add jackets to complete the attire, but for now smart looking vests would give us a very professional appearance at half the initial price. This accounts for $2,000 of our fundraising goal.

Other items we are hoping to be able to issue our members include cap badges, matching ties, and matching flashes (which are a type of ribbon that hang from the elastic bands that hold up our socks). This would all come after the expenses mentioned above, not to mention needing to buy a few more kilts because we don't have enough that fit everyone in the group right now. The combination of these needed kilts and other desired accessories easily makes up another $2,000.

Finally, our rehearsal and teaching space costs $250 per month to rent. In fairness to our landlord, who gives us plenty of rooms to use in the facility, this is quite a good rate. There are some bands practicing in less functional spaces and paying more, and certainly there are other groups making due with whatever they can find for free. For us, to teach and rehearse properly, the rent is well worthwhile. Any excess from our fundraising efforts noted above, would be put directly toward our rent to alleviate those ongoing costs while we continue to build the group and prepare for public performances that will allow us to actively raise funds rather than relying on donations and money out of each student's or player's pockets.

Thank you so much for your consideration and please know that whatever you can give - big or small amounts, one time donations or ongoing assistance - is all supporting the opportunity to share the cultural and musical arts of the bagpipes and drums. Our mission is to teach anyone and share these talents with our community, and all funds raised are sincerely appreciated by everyone involved!



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