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CROWDRISE : Sep 07, 2017
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Health 3.0 Navy

Help meet the unique health care needs of the people of Houston, ravaged by Hurricane Harvey

My name is Venu Julapalli.  I’m the co-founder of a movement called Health 3.0.  I’m also the current president of the United Physicians and Surgeons of America (UPSA), which founded a movement called Let My Doctor Practice.  You can learn more about both at our website,


Health 3.0 and the Let My Doctor Practice movement are about revitalizing the patient-doctor relationship, in ways that go beyond the standard debates from the left and the right on health care.  


Service to one another is a part of the patient-doctor relationship.  As part of service, we're launching a charitable project to help meet the unique health care needs of the people of Houston.


Hurricane Harvey destroyed 30,000 homes in the fourth largest city in the nation.  It affected many more lives.   


Organizations like the American Red Cross and Houston Food Bank have been helping Houstonians with basic needs.  Groups like the Coast Guard and Cajun Navy helped rescue them from rising floodwaters, so they could get those basic needs.


So where do we come in?


We’re creating the Health 3.0 Navy.  Sponsored by UPSA, we’re a network of health caregivers who want to help the people of Houston meet their health care needs, while they’re recovering from Hurricane Harvey.  Our network will identify, on the ground here in Houston, what unique health care related need someone here may have.  And we’ll help them however we can.  It may be to cover the co-pay for medications.  Or pay for a ride to see the doctor.  Or get discounts on medical visits.  Whatever we can do to help relieve the burden of health care on our hurting fellow Houstonians.  All we will ask in return is for people to share their stories with us on how they've been helped.  We’ll post their stories at


Where do you come in?


Support this effort with your donation.  Other than credit card transaction fees, 100% of your contribution will go toward this effort.


I used to live in Louisiana, but I’m no Cajun.  And I can’t pilot a boat.  What I can do is help throw out a line to serve the health care needs of the people of Houston.  And like the Cajun Navy,  we’ll do it from the bottom up.


So join the Health 3.0 Navy.  We would greatly appreciate the support.

Tax ID: 47-1819061 •