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United Way Of Rock River Valley

Do you remember sitting in your mother's or father's lap and being read to? How about the joy of turning the page on a brand new book and looking at the pictures! How about the first time you began to recognize words?? Please help us provide that joy to many at-risk children in our community by donating today!



Books and babies!!

Books and tots!!

Books and kids!

Help us get books into tiny hands as early as possible!!  Help United Way of Rock River Valley purchase books to build home libraries for those at risk children in our community that otherwise would be shortchanged.  Why are we doing this??  So glad you asked!!

The majority of brain development takes place from birth to age 5.  The more words and information a child is exposed to, the better prepared they will be for school and for life!

Studies show that children from professional families heard an average of 48 million words addressed to them from birth to age three while children in low income families heard only 13 million.  That's a 35 million word gap!!  When children are read to, that figure can grow exponentially!

Literacy development starts very early in life and is highly correlated wtih school achievement.  All of the domains of a child's development-physical, social-emotional, cognitive, language and literacy-are interrelated and interdependent.  The more limited a child's experiences with language and literacy, the more likely he or she will have difficulty learning to read.

A 20 year study by the University of Nevada (2010) demonstrated that children who have books in the home are more likley to progress further in their education.  Books in the home help children progress in school even if their parents are not educated and as little as 20 books in the home has a significant positive influence on academic achievement.

United Way of Rock River Valley works with educators and Scholastic Books to select various titles and age appropriate books in both English and Spanish.   Books are distributed several months of the year in preschool through the school district and through home visiting case workers for infants and toddlers.  United Way has been doing this for several years and with your help, we can continue this program for years to come.

Thank you for your support!!