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United Conservationists

United Conservationists
CROWDRISE : Apr 11, 2012
Tax ID: 90-0522876
BASED: Santa Monica, CA, United States


United Conservationists

Our Mission

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United Conservationists an environmental non-profit organization based in the United States. We focus on educating the public through viral media across platforms, creating open-source campaigns that harness mass engagement, and uniting a global conservation movement like no other organization has done before.  We aim to save humanity from extinction with building the most critical and timely movement on this planet.

Filmmaker and eco-warrior, Rob Stewart, is the founder and has a proven track record using media to spark meaningful social change. His award-winning documentary film, Sharkwater, spawned a global movement to end shark finning resulting in government policy changes across the globe.

In 2011, United Conservationists began its first campaign, the Fin Free campaign, empowering communities around the world to end the sale and import of shark products.  Proving that our model of citizen-empowerment works, Fin Free garnered a national spotlight in Canada as we ignited a movement to make Toronto shark fin free. In just six months, our campaign resulted in more than 10% of Canadians living in communities that have banned shark products. Fin Free chapters have sprung up in cities around the world, from Singapore, Taipei, New York City, Sydney and more.

Sharks are how we started, but now we have an even bigger challenge. With not just animals and ecosystems in danger, but humanity at stake, we are taking our movement to the next level. We aim to kick-start an environmental Revolution, empowering youth, those with the most at stake, to take the lead. Building on the successes and lessons learned from Sharkwater and the Fin Free campaign, we will ignite this new movement with Stewart’s next feature film project Revolution and the Revolution campaign


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