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One Child, One Smile and One Heart at a Time Tax ID 20-8629008


United for Kids Foundation (UKF) is a volunteer-run not for profit organization incorporated/registered in Nigeria, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. UKF is established exclusively for charitable, health and educational activities targeted principally at needy children in Nigeria. Our aim is to create a vehicle that enables fortunate Nigerians and friends of Nigeria apply their resources towards alleviating the unfortunate conditions of less fortunate poor, sick and orphaned children, and providing them with the tools to overcome poverty, sickness and illiteracy.

To achieve this aim, we receive contributions from donors, and use these to provide essential services for the benefit of children in state owned hospitals, state and privately owned orphanages, public schools and other institutions in need. Since 2002, we have implemented educational, healthcare and social development programs targeted at children from low-income families with donations solicited from friends and members of our network. In this way, we have reached more than 40,000 children during this period.

Among our highly successful programs is an annual ‘Back to School’ program, which provides school bags and other essential school supplies for more than 15,000 children from low-income families. We also established and continue to operate free library programs in 10 primary schools within Lagos State (Ojodu 1, 2 & 3, Adebule, Victoria Island, Awoyaya, Ansardeen, FHA, and Arch Bishop Taylor Memorial and Kuramo Primary Schools.) These programs continue to provide over 6,000 pupils with opportunities to develop their abilities through reading as well as actively learning with arts, crafts, film-shows, holiday camps and field trips. In June 2015, we launched “Read to Me,” a digital reading and mentoring program in partnership with Worldreader and ExxonMobil Nigeria at the UKF library serving Victoria island, Ansardeen, Awoyaya and FHA primary schools.

We invite you to join our community of ordinary people doing extra ordinary things, please consider organizing a fundraiser to support our work. You may connect with us @UnitedforKids on Facebook and Twitter, and on our website