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Serving Military Families, Service Members and Veterans with Purpose, Passion and Pride. Tax ID 46-0552042


United Military Care helps reinvent better tomorrows for military families, service members and veterans by providing hope and honor during hardship, crisis and transition.

We often forget as we go about our everyday lives that thousands of American Mothers and Fathers are currently serving in harms way.  There are others who serve America too - their wives, husbands, children and parents.  Not a day goes by that a wife ponders the fate of her husband who is in harms way.  A child acts out in school or withdrawls from friends because they are so worried about their Soldier. 

Military families face many other stressful situations - not enough food or diapers, unemployment, frequent moves far from supportive family.  We can help - that is we can help them with your help - please make a  donation today, they've answered the call - have you?