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Spay & Neuter Every Cat & Dog in the County (and a few select people too...).

unitedpaws.org Tax ID 93-1286461


Our goal is to "fix" every cat & dog in the county through low-cost Spay/Neuter help for low income, senior or disabled pet guardians, and TNR and colony support for community cats.  Door to door, block by block, farm after farm - vastly reducing the number of fertile cats & dogs will break the cycle of immense suffering among our population of abandoned cats & dogs, our community cats and the pets of those caregivers either too poor or too senseless to alter their own pets.  

Please help us achieve our ambitious goal by using your own clever ideas to create a fundraiser - large or small - for the animals.  Over 90% of our budget goes directly into our programs, so every dollar you earn will go farther to help alleviate the suffering of needy and deserving companion animals in Tillamook County.  Thanks a million... or even a hundred!  Its all good money much appreciated.  Now go forth and raise!