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CROWDRISE : Dec 24, 2014
Tax ID: 27-3895448
BASED: Staten Island, NY, United States


Changing their lives!

Universal Relief Foundation is committed to changing the lives of those who otherwise have no hope. Child protection, education & child development, Elderly services & attention, health & nutrition, kid save international, livelihoods all.

A multitude of problems strike different groups of society that threaten communities all over the globe. There are unattended elderly people who are not able to take care of themselves and have no relatives, there are people struggling with extreme poverty and hunger, also there is too many to count in regards to war and natural disaster victims... And it goes without saying, the stark reality and reminder that there are too many children lacking basic medical services, education, food, clothing, and opportunities they will never know unless we help. Unfortunately, statistics shows that it is complicated for children with such a background to integrate successfully into society and find their paths in a healthy, productive and happy life.

Tax ID: 27-3895448 •


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