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U Miami MFA Thesis Film Fund's Fundraiser:

Arjun (directed by 3rd-year MFA Sunny Bhatia)

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EVENT DATE: Nov 20, 2017

U Miami MFA Thesis Film Fund



At the University of Miami our projects are getting bigger, better, and more ambitious as our skills grow during our UM MFA experience. 

Until now, graduate students have depended on self-funding their projects. Developing a reel is important, because our films showcase whether or not we have the ability to continue our career in film once our degree is complete. Access to money can prevent films from being completed, or even started. We want to create a way to facilitate filmmaking so that MFA students will graduate with the ability to put their best foot forward when they start their careers.  

The Crowdrise thesis film fund is the perfect solution to help our MFA students meet the financial needs of their cinematic visions. 

To donate - please select a project you would like to donate to. Donations are easy, secure, and tax-deductible. 

ARJUN by Sunny Bhatia


ARJUN  is set in the near future on a fictional border between two states locked in a century-long battle.

Arjun, the main character, serves as a mercenary in a never-ending war. He willfully follows the brutal orders of his commanding officer until one day his entire world is turned upside down. One soldier’s journey towards redemption proves to us that, underneath the trappings of all that divides us, our shared humanity is always worth fighting for.

This is an ambitious film that will push the limits of student filmmaking and defy genres by realizing an American-style Action movie in the Hindi Language. We feel this film will have appeal in both the US and India markets.

The anticipated length of this film is 40 minutes.

Directed by Sunny Bhatia    Written by Sunny Bhatia & Aaron Gordon  Produced by Sunny Bhatia and Russ Darrow

About the director: Sunny Bhatia is a third-year Master of Fine Arts in Motion Pictures student at the University of Miami. Sunny was born in New Delhi, India and grew up in Washington, D.C. in the US. Sunny’s films have won awards at the Canes Film Festival and FilmGate in Miami. His latest film Escape from Infierno will be showcased in New York City in November 2018. ‘Arjun’ is Sunny’s vision to make an Indian movie in the style of an American action movie.

Please watch:

Escape From Infierno  -- Sunny’s 2nd-year-grad Film  (25min 46 sec. runtime)               password: canes2017

Your donations may earn you the following credit on the film:

$5000 - Executive Producer credit

$1000 - Associate Producer Credit

$100 - Special Thanks and name in the credits

All donations of any size are tax deductable. Additionally,  all donations will be rewarded with a link or copy of the finished film. 

(Contact: for add’l info about Arjun)



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