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CROWDRISE : Aug 01, 2013
Tax ID: 72-6023836
BASED: Lafayette, LA, United States



UL Lafayette Foundation

The University of Louisiana Lafayette Foundation promotes the educational, social, moral, and material welfare of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette by assisting in the acquisition of donations. It also invests and manages all private assets gifted to the University. As the Foundation works toward its goals, one important common denominator is ever present: our donors. They are the element that transcends current challenges. Our donors are the people who value higher education enough to actively support it.

Established in 1957, the UL Lafayette Foundation is the central non-profit of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. It is an institutionally related public foundation which invests and manages all private assets gifted to the University. At June 30, 2013, the UL Lafayette Foundation managed more than 1700 funds, with total assets of over $147 million.
The UL Lafayette Foundation has the responsibility to provide stewardship to our donors through recognition programs and publications. Other responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Special financing for capital outlay projects
  • Coordinating all legal aspects on behalf of the organization (for example: acts of donation, gift annuities, successions and other planned gift documents, gift acceptance policies)
  • Donations of real estate, artwork and various in-kind gifts
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Affiliations agreements and other operating and management documents
  • Art museum governing board, athletics governing board, and property foundation
  • Financial and investment contracts, fund management agreements
The Foundation manages over 1600 accounts for various University programs, including: scholarships, professorships, chairs, faculty development funds, grants for research, athletics, alumni and University Art Museum funds, fund-raising and development operations and other University-Foundation related programs. These privately held funds are distributed proportionally to the university on a daily basis to supplement overall programming costs. Statement of Activity reports are provided to donors on a regular basis including financial information on their established  accounts.
The foundation produces many publications, including an Annual Report on Philanthropy and other brochures on fund-raising, development, and endowment management.
Governance of the UL Lafayette Foundation is conducted through a thirty member Board of Trustees whose responsibility is to set the policies for organizational management. The day-to-day management is the responsibility of the Executive Director. Current staff positions include Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer, Assistant Director, Assistant Director of Finance, Assistant Director of Special Projects, Stewardship Coordinator, Staff Assistant, and graduate assistant.
The foundation interacts with virtually every department on the university campus. The foundation also coordinates several special events on behalf of donors, faculty, and students.
The University of Louisiana Lafayette Foundation offers support for the university body by extending the value of each donation it receives to the fullest extent. Together we work toward success for the university as it continues to provide superior higher education for the community and the world. We attribute much of this success to our donors who make available funds and resources for UL Lafayette.

Tax ID: 72-6023836 •

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