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Our organization was established in 2015 to help families who are raising a child with an incarcerated parent. There are more than 1 million children across the United States who have or has had an incarcerated parent. In Ohio, there are currently 56,000 children who have an incarcerated parent. 

Many of these children endure many financial and emotional hardships upon their parent becoming incarcerated. The caretaker often struggles to be the sole provider and often times they end up having to move out of their residence due to no longer being able to afford the rent. Providing the basic neccessities also becomes a struggle such as paying for utility bills, purchasing food, clothing, etc. Many parents who are incarcerated go years without having any visits with their child. This makes it hard to re-enter into the child's life, hence breaking parental relationships with children that are often times hard to mend or aren't able to be mended. 

Unlocking Futures mission is to be a support system to these families while also teaching techniques to the child and their parent upon release that will help to end the cycle of incarceration. We provide transporation to and from local Ohio prisons, so that children can maintain in contact with their parent. We also, provide a 16-18 wk evidenced based program cirriculum, in which we teach children and their parents fundamental communication techniques, which help to strenghthen familial relationships. We also teach effective ways to say "no" and mean it to avoid falling into peer pressure from old friends/temptations, as well as drug and alcohol prevention. 

Your donation will help us to break generational incarceration among these youth and help us to bring out their inner potential of greatness. Donations will be used to fund our transporation program as well as help to assist caregivers who find themselves in a financial hardship. We THANK YOU in advance for your donation!




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