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Unmarked Streets is a non-profit organization devoted to the alleviation of poverty through the funding and development of social enterprises in the developing world.

Unmarked Streets’ primary goal is to teach people how to be micro-entrepreneurs.
The explosion of microfinance, or microcredit, has been a game changer in the world of economic development. It taught the economists and government officials and philanthropists of the world that people in poverty are hard-working enough, and smart enough, and creative enough to start their own businesses and lift themselves out of poverty.
Modern development can be a tool so that those people with resources can connect with those people who have business ideas and can allocate capital into a successful enterprise.

Pretty much the same way financial markets are supposed to work.

And just as a small business owner in the US has more options available to them then putting all their business expenses on a credit card, it is also true that the market for microfinance has matured to the point where it needs to grow into something that provides more solutions for entrepreneurs than just small loans.

Which is why Unmarked Streets was created.

Our goal is to teach our sales team how to be entrepreneurs. We will provide basic business education on accounting, budgeting, sales, and leadership to provide the team with the foundation of how to run a small business. They will learn the basics in an environment in which the burden of risk is not placed on the entrepreneur, but on us as an organization. They will gain real world experience running their own micro-business. When they have completed their time at Unmarked Streets, they will have the experience to be able to run their own micro-business if they choose to. If they decide that self-employment isn’t for them after all, they will have experience in sales and record keeping and can seek a more traditional job. But they will be able to learn the lessons that every small business owner has to learn (whether they are in Texas or Tunisia) in an environment where they can learn and make mistakes without the risk of defaulting on a loan.