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Unplanned Construction

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Concept paper

Unplanned construction

Background/Need Justification/Problem Statement

 Gojal (Upper Hunza) is a fairy tale valley famous for high peaks, fascinating glaciers. It is located in the northern areas of Pakistan. Its beauty attracts people from every corner of the world and entertains them. Tourists prefer to visit this area due to its highest mountains, covered with snow throughout the year. Its beautiful valley, cool temperature and green lands call people from overseas to come and spend time here.

  Due to industrialization and lack of disaster management its beauty is reducing day by day. It is becoming urbanized and crowded thus life is becoming miserable. There are several areas that are needed to be addressed and planned in order to maintain the natural beauty of Gojal.  Although, BACIP has been working on construction, giving ideas for proper ventilation, heating, energy saving and better living conditions since many years therefore, involving these institutions would be helpful. Their projects have been successful in these years and when they will come up with new projects our communities would cooperate with them like before. On the other hand, AKRSP has made remarkable change in people’s life over the years. It has brought significant increase in incomes, the construction of hundreds of bridges, irrigation channels and other small infrastructure projects, the planting of over 30 million trees and reclamation of over 90,000 hectares of degraded land. AKRSP can further look into the disastrous areas for their management through plantation such as bringing in variety of trees as they had brought before for women organization in Gulmit.


Problem statement  

Lack of Natural disaster management

The natural disaster (Attabad Lake) has directly and indirectly affected people. Firstly, it has caused degradation of land and destabilization of soil which has led to diminished economic prospects for residents. Secondly, millions of plants got flooded into the lake which has caused deforestation. Moreover, people are using plants for fuel and construction purposes which again lead to deforestation.


Agricultural lands shrinkage:

Shops and homes are constructed everywhere regardless of thinking about cultivating crops and earning money people are constructing big houses which at a time is not affordable. Sometimes small families build big houses unnessarily.They should think for their life long and instead of constructing bang laws they should understand the advantages of agricultural lands. Furthermore, with advance technology and needs different companies are bringing in their towers and are installing them in the agricultural lands.



The aim of this project would be developing awareness amongst the people of our area regarding proper planning before construction.  It would be reinforcing the need of re using the lands effectively that have affected due to Attabad Lake.


To make people familiar with the institutions, so that people can take guidance from institutions like BASIP and AKRSP which are already working on construction, before planning construction like houses, schools, hospitals and market etc by arranging different seminars and other awareness programs.
This project would help people for utilizing those flooded lands effectively for income generation by limiting the size of buildings and saving agricultural lands.
Training of unemployed and skilled youth to construct appropriate houses and other buildings.
Cost reduction of the house construction and saving fuel by limiting the size of buildings.
Encourage people to do more plantations especially in the disastrous areas.



This project will take at least one year to complete from September 2013-september 2014.


Proper planning would enhance the quality of life of the whole community regarding construction work. It will also help to preserve natural environment and will maintain social and economical sustainability. With reducing size of buildings agricultural lands would be saved for future generation so that they can get benefit from these lands. Moreover, less plant would be required for constructions thus reducing deforestation and maintaining the beauty of the nature.

Major activities:

Awareness raising and demand generation.
Conducting workshops and trainings the youth.
Monitoring and evaluation




Output, outcomes, Impacts:

This project will help in cost reduction and increase in more agricultural lands. It would also give an opportunity to get new skills and employment. More plants would help to maintain a healthy environment and can help in boosting their economy by selling fruits. It will influence the quality of living and make people to build affordable and appropriate housing.


The estimated budget would be approximately150, 000,000.











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