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Upgrade Ohio

UpGrade Ohio connects people with local resources to reduce energy use and provide renewable energy solutions, paving the way for a sustainable energy transition.


UpGrade Ohio is transforming Ohio's energy economy  by engaging citizens in energy awareness.  Our strategic partnerships and focus on clean energy advocacy creates collective, measurable change.

Through our efforts, we have reduced energy consumption in our region, increased energy efficiency, advanced technological innovation, and improved long-term economic and environmental sustainability.

How UpGrade Advances Clean Energy in Ohio …

+ We Create Opportunities for Regional Businesses: We work with local governments, rural farm producers and small businesses that are looking  to expand into solar, bio-methane and geothermal technologies.

+ We Develop Key Community Partnerships: UpGrade helps local communities improve their energy efficiency through energy audits, solar installations, LED giveaways and educational outreach.

+ We Follow the Trends on Renewables and Clean Energy: We promote the work of innovators and local energy advocates while supporting clean energy reform at the state and federal levels.