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Building and running a dynamic facility for the youth of my city.

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September 10, 2010

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Adrian Smith


For the past three years a few friends and myself have set out to do something that has only been talked about in our city. To build a place that is fun, safe, positive and entertaining for youth. I live in North Bay ON CA a small northern city with a population of 56,000.

North Bay is a great place to live but unfortunately it doesn’t have much to offer for youth. We do have all the standard northern Ontario programs such as hockey and other varying sports. The schools do their part as they do in every other community, but aside from that what is there for teens to plug into?

We have set out to create a place that invites teens to not just be entertained but to plug into something positive. A place where they can learn, grow, and create in an environment that is not available to them anywhere else. Essentially we have taken a bunch of kids that we’re roaming the streets and formed a large clubhouse. We offer a fun and exciting place for them to plug into, and give them the opportunity to try and learn things that would not usually be readily available.

Aside from the typical activities you would find in a youth center, we have made a strong effort to offer what the kids want. We have set up programs to allow them to be involved and learn every avenue of music, from playing in a band on stage, to djing, and even recording. We’re also trying to start a full media program that ranges from filming, drama and radio.

The goal for Urban Eden is to provide a positive outlet for our cities youth. Take the things that interest them and allow them to the freedom to be creative, all in a safe environment that is built on respect. We have seen tremendous change and growth in many kids, and I’m excited to say that Urban Eden has made an impact on our city.

Unfortunately there is a down side. It takes a lot of money to make all of this possible, and money is not readily found in our small city. We have appealed to politicians, businesses, and churches, but it is very hard to get support. Everybody says what a good idea and that it is very needed, but few people actually put money towards the vision.

So that is why I’m here, I found this site and thought I would give it a try.
If you feel lead to help it will be greatly appreciated and I can promise you that many kids will benefit.

Please go to____ www.urban-eden.com____ for an inside look, and also for donations.

Thank you.



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Adrian is working on selecting a charity so you can support Building and running a dynamic facility for the youth of my city..