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The Urban Zen Foundation creates, connects and collaborates to raise awareness and inspire change in the areas of well-being, preserving cultures and empowering children.  We design forums, partner with existing organizations and bring together experts to define solutions and implement action.

This partnership with Crowdrise exemplifies the critical importance of our mission, philosophy, and value system.  As a not-for-profit, we are unlike any other charitable model in the world. We combine creativity and compassion to provide an innovative form of giving—bridging the gaps between the arts, culture, and philanthropy in a deeply profound way. We boast a model which is cutting-edge and sustainable. The way our organization functions and operates, too, is radically ahead of the curve.

We are informed by a philosophy of transparency, collective cooperation, and impactful change through creative compassion. With the advent of the digital-social revolution, the way society communicates and exchanges information has irrevocably changed. Traditional and formal techniques of fundraising are becoming obsolete. By connecting with the people around us, we can truly raise awareness. We endow the people with the power to inspire change. Through this online platform, we can form connections between disparate groups around the globe at any time, unencumbered by barriers of time and distance.

If we are going to raise awareness, the message of Urban Zen must be accessible and transparent. The message must also build trust with the people. Crowdrise will allow us to do this. Our partnership introduces yet another innovation for the philanthropic world. It sets the stage for the future of donor operations, where the power of collective change is invested with the people. Stay tuned as we develop our presence on this platform. Help us raise proceeds for social good, win prizes and care packages, and build our foundation as a fundraising powerhouse.

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Events at Urban Zen can be viewed on our Livestream