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Urban Zen Foundation

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EVENT DATE: Dec 31, 2011



The Urban Zen Foundation creates, connects and collaborates to raise awareness and inspire change in the areas of well-being, preserving cultures and empowering children in mind, body and spirit. Urban Zen designs forums, partners with existing organizations and brings together experts to define solutions and implement action.

We are dedicated to creating a new model for approaching wellness, education and preservation of cultures. We start with key issues by identifying what’s missing in healthcare, education and culture. We find inspiration and wisdom in ancient traditions. We find solutions by partnering with like-minded practitoners and partners who have the ability to change policy and legislation. We offer the Urban Zen Center to these like-minded practitioners and partners as a vehicle to raise awareness and inspire change – taking into action these policies by creating a movement for the benefit of these important issues.

Among the Urban Zen Foundation's Programs:

The current paradigm of western medicine is to focus on treatment of the disease, not the patient. While science has made miraculous strides in controlling and eradicating disease, healthcare has neglected to include the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of not only the patient but also those who care for them, the nurses and loved ones.

Without question, at one point or another in our lifetime, each of us will be a patient as will our loved ones. Before this possibility becomes a reality, we all need to consider what is important in patient care. The voice of the patient should be listened to and heard. Please take a moment to watch this video to learn why Urban Zen was inspired to make healthcare and well-being an initiative of great importance and passion.

Our vision is to help cultures maintain their natural essence and identity in the face of globalization. We connect with programs that assist communities to preserve its unique cultural and spiritual values and celebrate their craft and creativity, while ensuring the communities’ sustainability.

HAITI ARTISAN PROJECT - to help develop, market and present the work of Haiti artisans to the western world. As an ambassador to the preservation of Haiti’s artistry and expression, Donna Karan and a community of supporters have been traveling to Haiti at every opportunity, working one-on-one with the artists and manufacturers. “The artistry and skill is breathtaking,” Donna says. “I am so inspired by what I am seeing and the people with whom I’m working with. I couldn’t be more excited.”

HOPE HELP & REBUILD HAITI (HHRH)- is the next evolution of the work that was started by Donna Karan and her Urban Zen Foundation immediately following the January 2010 earthquake with music executive Andre Harrell, the Mary J. Blige and Steve Stoute Foundation for the Advancement of Women Now, and Andre Balazs and The Standard as an initiative of Urban Zen aimed at galvanizing a community in response to Haiti’s immediate need to rebuild. HHRH’s mission is to create a conscious community of leaders in music, fashion, film, finance and art to become agents of change for the renewal of Haiti.

Our mission is to care for our children’s well-being and give them the tools to face obstacles and opportunities with love, compassion and strength. We collaborate and support existing children’s organizations and create programs to enhance their spiritual, physical and emotional growth.

“Urban Zen Foundation is influenced by the concept of past, present and future. There is no greater investment in the future than in our children. In order to create leaders within communities, both small and global, children must be educated beyond reading, writing and arithmetic, Our initiative of empowering children includes creating a curriculum of social responsibility, compassion and self-respect both emotionally and physically through education, nutrition and yoga. We collaborated with Spirituality for Kids in their Global Awareness Launch because their curriculum empowers children beyond the academics.” – DONNA KARAN


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