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Welcome to US-Africa Synergy:

Since 2010, US- Africa Synergy has contributed into both international and indigenous development efforts of Africa by providing to young African women and men Leadership and Entrepreneurial skills to enable them to navigate a fast globalizing world and to be free from the cycle of poverty. Specifically, we invest in young women and men through Capacity building and trainings offered by our team of volunteers who work for various world's reputable institutions but are willing to donate their time, experience and knowledge to bring change in Africa. The end product is empowered young women and men making an impact in their respective communities in ways which have never been done before.


Our Vision:

We envision an African Continent drawing on the power of its youth to reach its full potential.


Our Mission:

US-Africa Synergy equips Africa’s youth with requisite skills, tools, and knowledge to overcome socio- economic barriers and reach their full potential.