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USAgainstAlzheimer’s is a community of engaged and enraged individuals who have been touched by Alzheimer’s disease and are united by our frustration at a broken status quo. We are dedicated to mobilizing individuals to demand the urgency, passion and commitment needed by our political, business and civic leaders to achieve the goal of ending Alzheimer’s by 2020. We believe the power of "US" is in the thousands of researchers, millions of families, caregivers, advocates, hundreds of companies, and our public officials. Tax ID 45-0672514




More than 5 million Americans have Alzheimer's.


Their 15 million family caregivers are victims as well.


In 2013, Alzheimer's will cost the nation $203 BILLION and that amount is expected to exceed $1 TRILLION by 2050. 


We cannot ignore this century's greatest health crisis. We must act NOW. 


USAgainstAlzheimer’s is working state by state and district by district to reframe our national conversation about Alzheimer’s. Together, we can create the will necessary to stop Alzheimer’s disease by 2020. IT IS POSSIBLE AND WE CAN DO IT WITH YOUR SUPPORT!


Our Movement is working to build awareness — in Congress, in the media and across the nation — of the health crisis facing us and our children, to recruit and mobilize millions of Americans to contact Congress in support of Alzheimer’s research, and to support candidates for federal office who are committed to stopping the disease.