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EVENT DATE: Jul 23, 2016

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Jun 01, 2016

    "It's time we stand up for the ones who protect our freedom"

United We Stand is a Sogno Philly event that supports our military. We expect to attract over 10,000 people through our marketing campaign, with CBS radio and social media. Our military personnel, and their families, endure immense sacrifice in the fight for our freedom. We ask that you help us support our soldiers, and their families, who have made the ultimate sacrifice. The sponsors will attract new clients from this public event, and receive brand recognition in connection with our nation's military. This event is going to be bigger and better than any other event in the area because of the following: feeding veterans on the USS New Jersey for sponsors, reunite military personnel with family on leave,   BONUS: exotic car show, food and festivities for the public

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United We Stand

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