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Coast Guard Tactical Law Enforcement Foundation provides critical emergency assistance and educational support to the personnel and immediate family of the Coast Guard’s Deployable Specialized Forces during their times of greatest need. Tax ID 45-5219729


CGTLE Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides this support through the emergency assitance and educational scholarship programs. The Nate Bruckenthal Memorial Scholarship provides scholarships to operators of the Coast Guard's Deployable Specialized Forces and their immediate families and the CGTLE Foundation assists families of the Coast Guard Tactical Law Enforcement community during their times of greatest need.

UNDERSTANDING THE NEED. The Coast Guard’s Tactical Law Enforcement Community and the service’s Special Operations component, the Deployable Specialized Forces, conduct high risk missions throughout the United States and around the world. Training for these missions is often just as high risk. Every year, members are seriously injured or killed conducting this mission. The Coast Guard Tactical Law Enforcement Foundation exists to bolster our community during times of greatest need with Emergency Assistance and reward operators and their families for their unusual sacrifices through Educational Scholarships.

EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE FUND. The CGTLE Foundation lets “you worry about your family, while we worry about the rest” by rapidly dispensing assistance to the member or immediate family in times of great need or tragedy when traditional forms of assistance are not available. The Fund serves to offset the extraordinary expenses incurred in these events such as: travel for a spouse to visit a member seriously injured during a mission, assisting during the unexpected loss of a spouse or child, etc. The Foundation has provided Emergency Assistance to four families in the past six months.

“Nate” was conducting a counter drug boarding on a cargo ship in the Caribbean when the drug smuggler crushed him with heavy equipment. With a broken leg, broken arm, collapsed lungs, and a broken collar bone, Nate was MEDEVAC’ed to an emergency room in Puerto Rico where doctors pronounced he would probably not make it. His wife, desperate to see him, needed to fly from the U.S. to visit him but there was no money. Don't worry... Nate is a very tough guy and made it out, but it doesn't always go like this.


NATE BRUCKENTHAL MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP. The Coast Guard Tactical Law Enforcement Foundation’s Nate Bruckenthal Memorial Scholarship is a four-year $10,000 scholarship that benefits the operators and families of the Deployable Specialized Forces who are obtaining a Bachelors or Masters level degree.

Due to the level of commitment required in the Deployable Specialized Forces career path, it is impossible to advance ones education while serving in this capacity. The Foundation serves to give back to those who give so much by rewarding their selfless service and sacrifice with targeted educational assistance.



4/24/13: Announced the launch of the Nate Bruckenthal Memorial Scholarship at Nate's last unit, Coast Guard Tactical Law Enforcement Team South.

2/10/13: Provided Bereavement Assistance to someone who had just lost his newborn daughter unexpectedly. 

1/1/13: Provided emergency assistance to a member who, while on deployment overseas, lost his wife unexpectedly. We then established a memorial fund for his daughter.

12/2/12: Collected donations for Chief Petty Officer Terrell Horne III of Redondo Beach who was killed in the line of duty conducting law enforcement operations.

8/9/12: An active duty Petty Officer experienced the sudden death of his spouse while the member was TDY. The CGTLE Foundation stepped in to ensure he was able to reunite with his two young children as soon as possible.


We are an all-volunteer team, which means 100% of your donation goes directly to support these programs!