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Using technology to change the world for the good - CTW®

Organized by: Nishant Nishant

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As a kid, I was always fascinated with computers and my Dad believed back in 2000's that it was the thing that could take us out of lower-middle class back then. The problem was, back then PCs were not easily affordable, considering how we lived in a small city of India. But he was determined back then, and so he bought it for me, taking money out of his school business which hadn't yet started. I got the PC, I have learnt a lot, became an expert in it. But all this came at a price since he had to take money out of his business, the business declined and it took approximately 10 years to repay for that. I am grateful to my father for providing me with the computer, but I also didn't like the struggle we had to go through for it. I don't want that to happen with someone else, someone who is fascinated by computers, who is eager to learn new software, someone who finds all possible books through the library and executes every command whatever the software might be, from DOS to Word to C++ to simply formatting your computer,again and again checking all the various options. I want to find school kids like that, those who are in the lower-middle-class family, who at best can only afford to pay for their food, who get into a financial mess if one of their family members becomes ill. I want to Change The World for the good, that's why I named our little company 'Change The World' or 'CTW®' a year ago, it's been a year since then, and I really want to start with something. I still want to change the world, but I need to start somewhere, & the field of which I am a professional is computers. Being an introvert I won't lie, but I will tell you this, every single cent that you give, will help shape that child's future, will really help change the world. I could have appealed the same to our government but it's India, there are things only people here understand. If this fund would have come via the government : 1) Only a fraction of it would have landed in our pockets. 2) There would have been unnecessary media attention(I hate that). None of them would help us in our cause. Technical Data Now:- Where the cheapest Desktop costs about 600$, I can give 3 new PC's for the same, but I believe I can give 4-5 old PCs for the same price with Open Source Softwares, (Linux, LibreOffice). I believe that there is no need of Windows for the kids who are excited to learn, who want to break and make things, If I would had been introduced to Linux as a kid, I would had been an ethical hacker by now. Hardware = 415$ (CPU=250$, Monitor=100$, Keyboard,Mouse,Speakers=20$, UPS=30$, DVD Drive=15$) Software = $160 {Windows 7 = 100$ & Office 2003=60$ (The latest version are even expensive)} Other installation charges = ~ $25 (Power Cable,Usb Hubs etc) P.S. : Please check these prices yourself, if I would had been at your place, I would want my money to go to a person who is speaking the truth. Although I admit, that I have checked online for these prices, you will find it even EXPENSIVE than this. What if I get the 777$? I will post all the kids who got the PCs (3 different families at least), with a video thanking everyone who gave even a single penny(I would even make them say the name of all the people who funded, if Crowdrise releases their names,otherwise I will start asking the names of the person once i get the first cent). Also, my and other people of our organisation will make sure that these kids get to learn something from the PCs and they become something more than an employee in their life What if I don't? I still give out PCs to lower-middle-class families, but this time, I charge them, because I didn't take a job, I didn't take a job to do this work, and the harsh reality is, I don't have extra money other than basic lodging, which my family provides after college too. But I will keep changing the world for the good. P.S.- I represent a total of 7 people, no one is boss in our company, but I can be called the CEO (Google 'ni6hant'). CTW® has not been registered yet, it will take at least 300$ to do so, one more family can get a PC in that,won't they?


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