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U.S. Patriot Sailing, Inc

Veteran Competitive Sailing for Wounded, Disabled, and Combat Veterans Tax ID 46-4005941


U.S. PATRIOT Sailing supports the transition and life long resiliency of Wounded, Disabled, and Combat Veterans.  Competive sailing offers Veterans the familiar military pillars of teamwork, camaraderie and mission accomplishment, and is accessible at all ages and ability.  U.S. PATRIOT Sailing is open to Veterans of all conflicts and focuses on expanding Veterans' horizons, social integration, and athelitic participation.

Sailing is a life-sport which offers a unique environment where Veterans of all ages can ​come together to compete as a team; navigate dynamic challenges;  experience healthy adrenaline; and find excitement, calm and peace in one activity.

Our returning Veterans deserve the best resiliency and reintegration programs our country can offer - we hope you will help us make U.S. PATRIOT Sailing the best it can be!