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Uniformed Services Peer Council

Uniformed Services Peer Council
CROWDRISE : May 25, 2017
Tax ID: 47-5595049
BASED: Griswold, CT, United States


Uniformed Services Peer Coun...

Help and Support

We provide first responders and veterans help and guidance through mental health, addiction, and wellness related issues with a network of peers and professional providers. We provide outreach, proactive services, and education to all branches of public service and the military. This is a direct-help organization; if you or someone else needs support or services, we get them.

Located in eastern Connecticut, we organized in early 2016.  After all of us involved had been through experiences with mental health and/or addiction related issues, we noticed a severe gap in support available to the community of first responders - particularly reputable ones.  We also came to incorporate veterans and active-duty military as many of our colleagues were part of that family as well.  Asking for help is hard enough, and you should not be limited to choosing a resource based on an internet search.  Life in public service requires many types of sacrifice - your wellness should not have to be one of them.  We have designed a network of providers and services who are properly credentialed, experienced, and willing to work with the specific needs related to those who serve.  We hold monthly meetings we call "peer councils".  These meetings are tailored to be lead by both licensed providers (therapist, etc.) and a peer.  We have a model that begins with education on a subject and discussion on how it relates to us and evolves to an "open floor" format.  Peer councils are free to attend, you may remain anonymous, you are not obligated to speak, and everything is confidential.  This also gives an opportunity to meet and talk with a provider before you seek any assistance.  It is a unique opportunity to see a provider in action before looking to see them professionally.  Many people have never been through this process personally and may not know what to expect, so this helps to alleviate some of the uncertainties.  This is also an opportunity to network with others who have experienced difficulty in the past or presently is. Knowing you are not alone and finding that out for yourself are actually two different things.  There are many people associated with the organization who have been through their own personal hell, found resolve, and are willing to extend a hand to others looking for a way out.  This is often the most critical part in breaking the cycle from “something isn’t right” to “something is now very wrong”.  Early identification and intervention are always desired over the “rock bottom” approach.  We have also evolved to incorporate various wellness resources into our network.  We endorse a sleep medicine program, various activity groups with mindful movement, Chiropractic care, and message therapy to name a few.  All of our providers are thoroughly screened and aware of the challenges we face.  Most of them have their own prior service as well.  They are willing to meet those challenges so you not only feel good, but are actually healthy and prepared to live life well.  We can provide options for everything from inpatient care or partial-hospitalization to outpatient services.  If you are a first responder or military member and need some assistance or guidance, no matter how big or small, we will work to get you what you need and advocate for you in any way we can.

Tax ID: 47-5595049 •


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