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US Road Trip 2014 - A Caring Brother

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Martin Holik


Hello dear friends,
My name is Martin and just so I won't waste your time, I'll just cut to the chase.
I feel that this is somewhat of a selfish cause but I am beginning to feel desperate. I have tried all possible resources and I am running out of options. I found this great site and thought that I'd give it a shot.

This year, I, my girlfriend, and my brother planned a road trip to the States in May. Fittingly, my birthday is on the 15th of May and we leave at the 13th, meaning that I'll be celebrating my birthday in the States.

Me and my brother both share the same dream, living in the States and since he's an aspiring actor, what better place to find a job, or rather a movie role than in the States, more specifically in Los Angeles.
This would have been more than just a trip; it would've been a birthday and a chance for my brother to network.

We are currently working for a company in Bratislava, Slovakia and even thou we made all the right moves, they just won't let us go on our long sought after trip. They are basically pushing us out of the company and having us lose money we invested in this trip without reimbursing us.

Now, I didn't subdue to this corporations demand, but my brother, not having a steady job for a longer time, cancelled his tickets out of fear and pressure from the company and their empty promises. I have ever since tried to fix this, calling all possible phone numbers just to try to un-cancel his tickets. But it was too late and useless.

Just to explain my thoughts and feelings about this matter, picture a nightmare where you woke up in cold sweat and almost in tears out of the horror that you just felt. Not something scary, but something so utterly depressing and sad. You may be thinking that I'm exaggerating. But as an older brother and almost a care taker, I have these feeling and an overwhelming tide of sadness washing over me whenever I think of this horrifying scenario. The thought that we won't share the dream we dreamt ever since we were kids, even if it's just for a month, is a horrible feeling. Not to mention on my birthday as well. Some of you may feel the same, but maybe I am just an overly sensitive human being, a people pleaser. But try to understand, it's my little brother.
Just to think that he'll be here, working, on my birthday for a company that basically "screwed him over" is heartbreaking for me. I can't imagine me having a good time when I am feeling that I am missing a piece of the puzzle.
The thought that he was pressured from his company, without them trying to compromise or help us in any way, sickens me.

Living from paycheck-to-paycheck, it was hard to raise the money for the tickets in the first place, and as much as I would love to buy a new one, I simply don't have the funds to do so. Not to mention me not having a job soon either.

I am therefor trying to raise some money to try to buy a new ticket, so that we could spend a month all together, with my girlfriend, and indulge, at least just for a month, in the country we grew up loving and dreaming about.

Thank you for understanding. And thank you for any help you can give.

- Martin



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