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We speak for the trees and critters. Tax ID 87-0621273


UEC works to preserve and protect National Forest lands and wildlife in the State of Utah. We monitor projects proposed by the U.S. Forest Service, filing comments, administrative appeals, and legal actions, where necessary, in furtherance of our work and to improve management of our precious forests and wildlife. We also seek designation of appropriate forest lands as wilderness, and after conducting much field and mapping work, we have developed a Citizens' National Forest Wilderness Proposal. Our Gray wolf work includes raising public awareness about this important native Utah species -- in 2012 alone we staged our 1st Annual Run for the Wolves, sponsored public presentations by 2 widely recognized wolf research experts, and assisted thousands of supporters send personal postcards to the State and Federal administrations opposing de-listing of the Gray wolf as an endangered species and promoting restoration of an ecologically effective population of wolf families to Utah.