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EVENT DATE: Feb 16, 2014

It’s time to run ten and celebrate the distance! Ten miles is tough, ten miles is different, ten miles feels great. It’s an accomplishment to finish and a challenge to race. You can walk and wheel and join the field as the U-T California 10/20 hits the streets. Take a detour from the usual race path and check out the cool ten mile distance!


Twenty stages will be on course filled with live rock ‘n’ roll music from local California bands and we’ll have a great headliner at the Finish line too! The U-T California 10/20 puts a stage every half mile along the route, right up close for our spectators – you! We’ll have some really hot local bands and more music per mile than you have ever seen.


The U-T California 10/20 welcomes all athletes and celebrates their accomplishments. We also admire the top performers in our sport and the victors will be rewarded with the largest ten mile prize money purse in California!

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