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Valen Zodel

Valen Zodel
Tampa, FL United States
Stuff About Me:

Our mission is to free mans heart from Duality. 

Man's duality is not an easy subject to understand or even seeing it in our day-to-day lives. Duality exists within us, whether what race you are; white or black. We are neither good nor evil. We all posses light and darkness within us, however we share our own right and wrong choices but that is the building block of who we actually are. How could you ever obtain success if you have never experience failure? The experience of any negative opposite should motivate you to create winning positive. In a sense you begin to use fear of failure to your advantage turning it to something else... hope. Join us we take on this journey together not to only find peace in our lives, but wholeness and balance. Inner-standing appreciation for the good things of life and understand also comes when we go through the hard areas in life.




Valen Zodel is committed to the universal transformation of humanity and involution for all beings. After writing and distributing freely his self-published book titled “The Introduction to Man of Duality” he has been on a nonstop mission of helping others self-activate themselves by developing step-by-step guide in understanding and inner-standing who you are outside cycles of duality.


Starting writing his spiritual journey in 2007 while continuously learning and improving these methods by means of deep study, meditation, and becoming vegetarian; however in 2008 he become completely vegan. Valen’s obsession of esoteric world only grew. Valen is one of the most diverse and enigmatic thinkers of our time. He raises the bar for what is generally discussed by mental, spiritual, and scientific thinkers around the world. Valen is rapidly gaining explosive recognition with his unique level of understanding and inner-stand (understand from within) the world around us.

Specializing in linguistics, etymology, ciphering, hidden codes, and occult symbolism, Valen extracts the esoteric meaning within duality. Having spent years in deep meditative study through occult mysticism, occult knowledge, and synchronicity, Valen has become an expert in defining what is known as, “beyond duality”. With a special focus for functions of the soul and universal thinking, Valen’s research into conflict between light/dark polarities, quantum alchemy, higher vibrations, and frequency to assist humanity better understand duality in our world.


“My inner spirit is in great sorrow of what is to come, but I never lose hope for tomorrow; therefore, I am the man of tomorrow… today.” – Valen Zodel


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