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CROWDRISE : Sep 23, 2013
Tax ID: 36-1908475
BASED: Chicago, IL, United States


Helping Kids

Variety the Children’s Charity believes every child deserves to lead a full, active life. Through an array of programs and fundraising endeavors, Variety of Illinois helps to give children with disabilities the freedom and independence to live life.

Variety - the Children's Charity of Illinois has been an important part of the charitable landscape in the state for more than 60 years.  We are part of a worldwide philanthropic organization called Variety International dedicated to promoting and protecting the health and well-being of children around the world. Through our network of 43 Tents (Chapters) in 13 countries, Variety reaches into communities across the globe to offer financial assistance and services to children and organizations that serve children with disabilities.

While there are other organizations in the area that serve children, Variety - the Children’s Charity of Illinois provides two unique services that other children’s charities don’t, through our Kids on the Go! and Live to Achieve programs. 


We know that participating in sports and recreation can provide a lifetime of benefits to children and youth with disabilities that go far beyond improvements in health and physical fitness:  it enhances their life journey.  Kids on the Go!  grants mobility equipment and adapted sports equipment to kids with disabilities - things like WalkAids, lifts, specialized wheelchairs (therapeutic or sports chairs) or adapted bikes, trikes, and adapted hockey sleds.  Many times these pieces of equipment are beyond the financial reach of the family, and insurance simply does not cover it.  Kids on the Go! is there to help overcome that barrier.


Live to Achieve grants funds to talented athletes with disabilities - those striving for the pinnacle of their sport such as the Paralympics - for assistance with training, travel, or competition expenses.  And the costs are significant.  Travel, training and equipment for a young athlete with a disability can run into the tens of thousands annually.  Most families simply don’t have access to those kinds of resources; as a result, many young people with disabilities who have the capacity to reach great heights are not able to fulfill that potential.  Through Live to Achieve, Variety of Illinois hopes to help some of these young athletes bridge that gap and have a realistic chance at achieving their potential on the playing field and in life.


Tax ID: 36-1908475 •


Droptober 2013

Droptober 2013

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