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Still on hold for lack of funds. Going to try my hand at busking in hopes of making the cash to buy all these meals!  See more


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After driving 2,300 miles from Arkansas, spending the last bit of money I had available on gas and basic needs to find work (which was just not available in the South), and arriving tired and worn in Seattle, WA, I now know what I want my life's mission to be for the next few months: food.

I haven't eaten in restaurants in well over a year, since the discovery that all my adolescent and childhood health problems were the result of a dairy allergy that had been repeatedly misdiagnosed. I have learned to cook my own food and to work around the inundation of dairy-laden ingredients in our culture, but I still miss the joys of going to a restaurant, having a relaxing dining experience, and appreciating the work that someone else puts into my meal. I miss not having to clean up the dishes afterward, too.

But in Seattle, WA, there are other options.

I am going to find every dairy-free, safe place to eat in the Seattle metro area, and I'm going to order one of each item on each menu.

Then, I'm going to write a review of each individual plate and post it on a website for all you happy dairy-free/vegan/special diet-eaters to enjoy! Not just restaurant reviews, which already exist here and there throughout the internet, but individual meal reviews. Ultimately, I want to expand this site into a dietary restriction review site where you can go and post your own review of the same meals! That way, the next time someone drives 2,300 miles for a vegan cheeseburger, it'll be super-easy to figure out where it is, how much it costs, what's in it, and how worth the money it'll be! If you've got time for only one meal while you're in Seattle, I'm making it my job to see that you pick the right one!

Calculating an estimated 30 restaurants at the start of this project, with the average number of menu items per restaurant in Washington being 44, and an overly optimistic average of $10 per plate, I expect this venture to require a minimum of around $15,000 in food costs alone. It is my intention to collaborate with area vegans and add my reviews to their online resources, making this project as vastly accessible to everyone as possible!



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