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Venice Arts does a lot. But mostly we ignite youths’ imagination, mentor their creativity, and expand their sense of possibility through high quality, accessible media–based arts education programs.

Venice Arts also serves as a catalyst for people of all ages, living in low–income or underrepresented communities, to create and share personal and community stories through photography, film, and multi–media.

Come visit us and see some amazing work through the eyes of our students here in Los Angeles, across California, the country and around the world.

Oh. You're still reading. Great. I'm going to tell you more....

The photo to the left of the girl smiling. That's Roz. She's our program coordinator. She speaks Spanish and English and everyone loves her. She does outreach and recruits kids into our Art Mentoring program and she knows everyone and their families. She's very friendly most of the time.

I guess I should mention that these workshops are completely free to low-income families.

Do you see the double exposure black and white photos on the left? These are the first of some photos from a new project between teens at Venice Arts and youth in South Dakota. These young artists collaborate by writing letters and sharing rolls of film across the country. By sharing the film, each photograph is exposed twice, creating exciting results!

Venice Arts does some amazing special projects. Like our recent work in eight communities across Southern and Central California on a project called Picturing Health, in partnership with The California Endowment. We started with kids in South L.A.'s Figueroa Corridor, in collaboration with the Community Coalition, then worked with great teens in Coachella Valley, Boyle Heights, central Long Beach, southern Kern, east Salinas, Merced and Santa Ana.

These kids look at critical health issues affecting their communities, while learning about documentary photography and visual storytelling. Stories are both place-specific, like high rates of asthma in the port city of Long Beach and universal to all eight communities, like limited access to healthy foods, youth-on-youth violence, and substandard education.

Cool. Right?

So, please support us and the youth at Venice Arts. People often forget how critical the arts are in the lives of children-- well actually everyone's life. Our mentoring programs teach kids from all different walks of life to express themselves. It changes how they see the world around them and how they think about themselves. I can't really tell you how important it is. I'm worried you'll think I'm making it up. Listen to Alex, a long time Venice Arts' student, in the video on the left. She says it so much better than I can!

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