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CROWDRISE : Oct 21, 2014
Tax ID: 20-3685723
BASED: Portland, OR, United States



Environmental Wealth

Verde serves communities by building environmental wealth through social enterprise, outreach and advocacy.

Since 2005, Verde has brought new environmental assets to low-income and people of color communities, involved community members in design and implementation of these assets, and ensured assets provided direct economic benefits to low-income people and people of color.

  • Through Social Enterprise, Verde creates environmental businesses to employ and train low-income adult community members, create contracting opportunities for target businesses, and bring environmental assets to low-income neighborhoods.
  • Through Outreach-Advocacy, Verde engages residents, peer organizations and policymakers about the connection between protecting the environment and making a good living, empowering low-income people and people of color to drive environmental resources into their neighborhoods in response to existing needs.

Now, Social Enterprise and Outreach-Advocacy have come together. Advocacy has created a policy framework that drives environmental assets into low-income neighborhoods, outreach has built community capacity to design these assets, and social enterprise is the vehicle through which assets create broad, neighborhood-based economic opportunities.

Tax ID: 20-3685723 •


Let Us Buy The Sugar Shack

Let Us Buy The Sugar Shack

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1% Raised of $5,000 Goal