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Jim Brown's Fundraiser:

Veteran Farmers

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Our Society has to help stop the increasing suicide rate among disabled veterans
June 26, 2016

Hello Please help our veterans in need stop making the choice that suicide is the answer to solving their pain.  The VA system is NOT helping  See more


Jim Brown


Our goal is to decrease the suicide and homeless rate among the disable veterans with PTSD, TBI, MST, homeless, single parent, female and incarcerated veterans. These veterans are high risk, high priority with a variety of benefit, per diem, GI bill, from the VA and the USDA. Our program will provide a sustainable career, educational, and vocational opportunity short/long term for these at risk veterans. Plus it will fill a need for our communities to have high quality crops and fill a farming industry need for more farmers.  The training farm will provide employment, internship, and housing options while partnering with the local colleges, universities, and trade schools. Once the veteran has completed the program, the veteran would then be able to start their own urban or rural farm chapters which they would then train, employ, and repeat the program enabling more veterans to access the program, veterans helping other veterans, paying it forward which improves the local, state, and national economy

Aquaculture Training Farm: Production and Farming, Research, Employment, Tourism

Training Farm, Farm to Table programs will give the disabled veteran the education, tools, skill to have a successful career enabling and empowering them to be able to be financially and socially functional, productive, and improved quality of life. Important to note this program offer chapters expansion to all states with the policy, procedures, and curriculum simple, re-producible and managed by disabled veterans that graduated from the program..

AquacultureTraining Farm/ Ag Tourism To provide homeless, disabled, single parent, female veterans with housing, internship, employment, education, and long term Agriculture, Culinary, research, tourism career opportunities. The Farm produce and fish will be managed, planted, maintained, harvested, marketed, and sold by the disabled veteran at the onsite Country Store/kitchen, to local restaurants, natural stores, bed and breakfast, cruise lines and medical providers. The program would partner with local colleges and Universities to allow the Veteran to access their GI bill benefit.  They would also be able to access other VA and USDA benefits, grants, and per diems.

Aquaculture program would take the water from the lake, filter/purify it and pumped into the fish containers which would then have nitrogen and ph maintained for the specific type of fresh water fish, then the water from the fish tanks would be sent to the microgreen growing beds to water and provide natural nitrogen, ph and nutrients to the root systems of the plants. 

Compost container microgreens, herbs, vegetables, nursery stock, possible open range chickens.

Green House/storage freight container/season tarp (Aluminet) covering building for vegetable/herb/nursery stock

Using solar, wind, drip irrigation, composting with worms, recycling, and bartering with other local farms crops or meat that are not produced on the farm

IT program to produce App and programs to monitor the water systems, PH, Nitrogen level, temperature alarm systems.

Research program for fish, plants, alternative energy, on a rural/urban farm to increase yield, income, decrease environment impact, decrease numbers of suicides, successful career, decrease use of public assistance, decrease need for medications and increased local, state and national economy due to high quality food production, long term employment..

College degrees, certification program through Cape Coral Tech College, Green Mountain College, Hodge University and University of Florida.

Networking and educating local farmers, contractors, business about the financial benefit of hiring veterans esp. the high risk veterans

Farm to Table: Food produced on the training farm and from local farms would be prepared and sold at the country kitchen for daily       lunches and dinners, monthly reservation dinners, fund raising events, veteran’s. Partnering with local culinary schools for the veteran access to GI bill.

Housing Options: At Training Farm while in the internship, apprenticeship program. Working with local landlord to educate them on the financial/social benefits of renting to the homeless, disabled, single parent, or female veterans also accessing their VA and USDA housing benefits.

Alternative Energy Programs: Providing internship, educational opportunity working with local colleges and employers with a career in high demand alternative energy industry.  Working with local A/C heating, solar, window, roof, insulations, home building/restoration/adaptation, companies to have a sustainable career and an energy efficient housing opportunity. Plus each training farmer or farm to table program will have access to funding for alternative energy products/services.

Service dog facilitation/trainers: Florida Chapter Brothers and Sisters in Arm training program.  Facilitating service dog placement from donated dogs with disabled veterans for service dog training with local trainers.  Also partnering with South West Florida Dog Dive to provide a fun competitive dog jumping events for service dog and veteran to participate in. 

Team River Runners.  Fort Myers Chapter.  Providing paddle board and Kayak event for disabled veterans and their families.  Partnering with Lee County Park and Recs for event locations. Lee County Park and Rec has over 190 miles of water ways for exploration.

SELF Solar and Energy Loan Fund a nonprofit alternative energy loans for veterans and those do not quality for traditional bank funding.  The goal is a partner with SELF facilitating education to contactors providing the alternative energy services to provide internship and employment for disabled and other high risk veterans.

Incarceration Project.  Setting up a inmate sustainable AG program in the correctional facilities and those on probation like in the Veteran’s court Program in Collier County.  This would be an online and practical program which would allow the offender to get the educational skills needed to farm once released.  It is very hard for the offender to find employment but with the farming career they would have a career, employment, and less likely to be a reoffender plus be off public assistance



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